The Growing Insanity of Growth

Moving forward, as we continue to sacrifice our time, talent, and labor to the activities of turning our natural wealth into man-made wealth so that it can be absorbed by the ostentatious few, let us consider that pandering to growth for the sake of growth may just be the greatest insanity to ever face humanity.

Have We Mastered Human Intelligence Enough To Use Wield Artificial Intelligence?

Before we get too caught up in having artificial intelligence take over our lives, we might want to consider getting the most out of the intelligence we already have first.

What I Saw In The CNN Democratic Debate, Night One

For the America I want to live in, one that has spent the last few years being tormented by ignorance, bigotry, and aggression, I would love to see the antithesis of our current Oval Office resident. Although many may still be shaking their heads, Marianne Williamson remains my first choice.

Whether or not you think she could win the Democratic Primary, do you think she would make a good president?

Can We Develop Homes For People Instead of Profit?

Although it has become common practice in Sarasota, as it has in so many other expanding American communities, there is a problem with the “build it and they will come” residential development model, one that is contributing to the breakdown of community spirit and the lack of affordable housing. Should …

This Spaceship Earth – A Call to Action for the Final Episode of Renaissance SRQ

During its 2 year run, Renaissance SRQ offered discussions on how to achieve a greater sense of Sustainability, Resilience, and Quality of Life. The final show included a challenge by revisiting some guests from a previous episode. Now that futurist David Houle and planetary ethicist Tim Rumage have released their book This …