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How To Survive An Estralarian Mind Meld

Do you believe in aliens? I didn’t I until I met a couple of them. They told me some things that I already knew, and they also showed me things I could have never imagined.

The basic gist of what the aliens had to tell us is that the vast majority of the problems that we face are basically due to bad habits. The solutions are largely just about shifting perspective and re-focusing attention. To be fair, an Estralarian Mind Meld is about more than that, but it’s the best summation I can give of having your cranial cavity shoved through an inter-dimensional vortex.

Whether you’re looking for inspiration on becoming an entrepreneur in the New Economy or if you just like a good story that makes you smile often and sometimes laugh out loud, How to Survive an Estralarian Mind Meld should be at the top of your reading list. Called “addictive,” “stellar,” “a rollicking romp of a book,” and a “wildly entertaining ride,” this little book has readers going back to it time and again for more delightful nuggets of wisdom, inspiration, and insight. Get your copy today.

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