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From August 1 to September 6, 2023, I rode my motorcycle through 15 states and wrote 13 songs, one for each city i stayed in. While I continue to travel and compose, enjoy this performance of all 13 songs recorded in Providence, Rhode Island’s Temple to Music. Available soon wherever you find music.

After a lifetime of dreaming to be a cowboy, in 2017, Steve McAllister was cast as one of the greatest cowboys of all time, Will Rogers, in a community theatre production of the Tony Award winning show, The Will Rogers Follies. The most beloved celebrity of his generation, Will Rogers was the biggest box office male lead at cinemas, most listened to radio host, the most widely read journalist in newspapers, and most popular public speaker in America. Since few know anything about him 87 years after his tragic death, Steve took his motorcycle on a 10,500 mile journey through 24 states and the nation’s capital to explore the legacy of the man nominated as Life magazine’s presidential candidate for the 1928 Anti-Bunk Party, and the only person in history to speak at both the Democratic and Republican parties in the same year. Infused with the wit and wisdom of America’s most beloved humorist, The Road To Will is a journey America needs to take. Coming soon to a theater near you! Book a screening!

In 1928, Life magazine heralded the launch of the Anti-Bunk Party and nominated humorist Will Rogers as their presidential candidate. In his acceptance column, he wrote, “Your offer struck me like what the better fed English authors call ‘a bolt from the blue.’ It leaves me dazed, and if I can stay dazed, I ought to make a splendid candidate.”

Will’s first official campaign promise was that if he were elected, he would resign. Yet before his run as the “bunkless candidate” came to an end, he had gained the support of such prominent people as Babe Ruth, Amelia Earhart, and Henry Ford, with Ford’s assertion that the Anti-Bunk campaign was “a serious attempt to restore American common sense to American politics.”

On election day, although he received no electoral votes, Rogers declared victory and effectively resigned. After the election, he said, “We went into this campaign to drive the Bunk out of politics. But our experiment, while noble in motive, was a failure.” He concluded: “the thing that stopped our party is that we are a hundred years ahead of times.”

Perhaps Rogers merely was ahead of his time. In 1918, when Will was largely known as a rope spinner, Theodore Roosevelt said, “This man Rogers has such a keen insight into the American panorama and the American people that I feel he is bound, in the course of time, to be a potent factor in the political life of the nation.”

The Anti-Bunk Party is due for a revival, and America would do well to reconsider what Will Rogers had to say about the state of our union a century ago and how that should guide us moving forward. To answer this call, I am booking performances of Get The Bunk Out: Will America Laugh Again, based on the wit and wisdom of Will Rogers. The majority of the laugh-filled ninety minute show is comprised of the words Will used exactly as he wrote them, but as Will was also known as the “Poet Lariat”, I have also infused the performance with some original poetry and songs that echo his original sentiments.

As we get closer to another election season, revisiting the insights of America’s “ambassador of good will” would do us well. As democracy moves forward, it is time to Get The Bunk Out.

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The easiest way to describe this band is pure Americana

but the influences through various genres is a musical panorama.

From classics everybody loves to showtunes they adore,

we’ve also got originals that will leave you wanting more.

So if you’re looking for music to make you feel alive, you’ve got to understand

you need not look any further than Steve McAlphabet and the Wandering Soul Band


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Steve McAlphabet Explains ABC Squared Economics

After traveling the country in search of alternatives to the economy of mindless consumerism, challenging himself to live for a year without money, and exploring the history of humanity’s economic development in his seminal book, Money, Sex, Power & Faith: Questioning The Building Blocks Of Civilization, Steve McAllister has long been searching for a better way. He believes it can be found through what he calls ABC Squared Economics.

The theory is built on the premise that just as nature is comprised of the four elements of water, air, earth, and fire, so are humans comprised of heart, mind, body, and spirit. We were to more consciously cultivate greater emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual health, could we not also use our burgeoning technology to better guide the economic energy we create toward greater Artistry, Business, Citizenry, and Community?

Blending analysis, exposition, poetry, and pragmatism, Steve McAlphabet Explains ABC Squared Economics takes readers on a journey of discovery in the hopes of seeing that, beyond the world we’ve become accustomed to, another world is out there.

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Order your copy now!

Steve McAllister At Your Service

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As an avid storyteller and wordsmith, Steve McAllister crafts musical compositions that reach to the heart of listeners and the challenges and celebrations they experience. Often compared to artists like Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Willie Nelson, Bruce Springsteen, and James Taylor, Steve McAllister has a style all his own. His past endeavors as a renaissance man – as an actor, activist, author, poet, talk show host, and all-around lifestyle stuntman – infuse his work with vision and humor, evident in his most recent books, Cowboy Up: The Poetry Of The Cowboy Cabaret and Steve McAlphabet Explains ABC Squared Economics


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After travelling the country in search for alternatives to consumerism and writing The Rucksack Letters, getting abducted by aliens in How To Survive An Estralarian Mind Meld, and challenging himself to live for a year without the use of money and writing his ensuing book, Money, Sex, Power & Faith, Steve considers himself an amateur economist and outside-the-box entrepreneur. As the sole citizen and Goodwill Ambassador of the Autonomous Nation of Stevetopia, his hope for the future is to use his music and other services and artistic endeavors as a launching pad for a more democratic and networked economic system he calls ABC Squared Economics, which empowers the Artistry of life, the Business of service, the engagement of Citizenry, and the participation in Community. He also recently released The What If Journal with Martha Robinson as a means of cultivating creativity and innovation. 

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