Steve McAlphabet Motorcycling Music Across America
Week 2 of Motorcycling Music Across America

Week 2 of Motorcycling Music Across America

The only music I played in New Orleans were for my host on the evening I got there. There are plenty of musicians and typewriter poets in New Orleans, and this particular musician and typewriter poet preferred to spend his time exploring and listening to other musicians. After three nights there and many miles walked, I’d seen bands at three different clubs on Frenchman Street and a drag show with six different Queens at the golden lantern, my body was a bit sore and I was looking forward to the next day’s ride.

Here’s more on my trip to New Orleans.

At the suggestion of my host in New orleans, I took the Blues Highway to Natchez, legendary Highway 61 revisited. Once I got past baton rouge, the scenery got a lot better but it was still a highway. At the suggestion of my host to be in Little Rock, I took the Natchez Trace Parkway, wherefore most of the trip, I was the only vehicle around. It was blissful.

I had a little rain along the way, but I saw and felt it coming, so I had pulled over, put on my rain gear, and covered the bike with a tarp before it started. But it gave me time to call my dad for Father’s Day and to do a little hiking. I stayed with a couchsurfing host in jackson, Mississippi, where are mostly produced some videos and stayed out of the rain the next day.

The ride to Little Rock was nice, and it gave me a chance to reconnect with a fraternity brother from college. He started making beer as a hobby 21 years ago while he was working as a high school teacher. Now, he is about to open his 6th location of Flyway Brewery, and his beer is sold in every store in Arkansas.

I already really appreciated that he’s building his business with what I call ABC Squared Economics already built into his plan. He’s mastered the art of making beer, he’s expanding his business to find new markets, he’s practicing Citizenry by giving his employees equity in the company, and he’s donating a lot to charities that protect the wildlife community and natural habitats. He’s also starting another company to make THC infused seltzer water, and it is really refreshing.

The next day’s ride took me to Oklahoma, where the Will Rogers Memorial Museum had booked me two nights at an Airbnb, and we’re hosting a screening of my film The Road To Will in the theater. The film was shown at 3:00 p.m. on a Thursday afternoon to coincide with the start of an event celebrating route 66 so the turnout was rather sparse. And considering that I still had a few audio issues that I need to address, I’m glad that the audience wasn’t bigger.

However, all in attendance liked the film, and even the staff said that I had nailed it, although there were a few controversial issues they wanted me to consider removing. They even liked Every Little Thing, and it was a lot of fun playing that on that stage. Unfortunately, when I was ready to leave, Vivian wasn’t.

It didn’t take me long to realize the clutch cable had snapped, and since it was after five, most of the shops had closed. I found the part I needed in Tulsa, and called the tow truck. I spent the morning at the museum, the driver showed up at noon, and I was back on the road by 1pm. Plus, the stipend I got from the museum was more than enough to cover the costs of towing, repair, and lunch at Taco Bueno.

I found a place to camp by a wonderful lake on the Osage Reservation. It’s right by a dam, and I’m surrounded by RV’s, but it’s a nice place to watch the full moon rise.