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Are You Open To The Renaissance?

Are You Open To The Renaissance?

For quite awhile, I’ve called myself a renaissance man and done my best to serve as a herald for the Renaissance that is buidling. While some have said that we’re more likely going through a Dark Age, I still see a consistent shedding of the old, often shrouded in darkness, and the birth of new ideas and methodologies that shine their lights toward a beautiful future. Although some see a looming apocalypse, I recognize that the word means “lifting of the veil”, and I welcome the new understanding that it brings.

I made a video about the coming Renaissance in Sarasota in 2011…

Shortly after, I started a radio show at 96.5 WSLR called Renaissance SRQ, focusing my interviews with local and national influencers around Sustainability, Resilience, and Quality of Life, which opened me up to an array of interesting conversations. I intend to produce more podcasts in the future, and I’ve been revisiting some of those that I produced during the initial run. I’m getting encouraged by what they have to say and thankful that they’re consistently available through the wonder of internet.

One of my guests was Michelle Lyall, who says she “lights up lives for a living” as a life coach with a number of modalities she has gathered over her two decade career. We discussed the Access Consciousness practicing of “running bars” and the questions that are helping people to open up to a new level of consciousness in order to create their own personal renaissances. When it gets down to it, to open up to a Renaissance, we have to open up to a Renaissance.

As the only control we have over Life is our response to it, to best open up to the Renaissance, start asking yourself what your possible responses could be that would make your life better? Can you choose to be happier? Can you start a new endeavor? What else is possible? Although we are often inclined to find the answers to life, it may just be the questions that help us to thrive more.

During the first Renaissance, the brave souls that elevated the consciousness of the populace started by working on themselves, overcoming many of the traditional beliefs that had been limiting the growth of human potential for generations. In this Renaissance, the same thing is occurring. The question is whether or not each of us will join this growing consciousness by following that energy and allowing the world we imagine to manifest through our intentions and behaviors.

Photo by Jude Beck on Unsplash

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