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Could Universal Basic Income Empower A Fourth Branch Of Government To Build A More Perfect Union?

What if we used the technology that wasn’t available in 1776 to actually create an empowered democracy instead of settling for a stagnant republic?

Will Rogers on Universal Basic Income

“No matter what you have to hand out for necessities, the receiver should give some kind of work in return. Cuz he has to eat just the same when he is laying off as when he’s working. So every city or every state should give work of some kind at a living wage so that no one would be in actual want.” – Will Rogers

We May Not Yet Be Able To Wrap Our Heads Around It, But Universal Basic Income Is Ultimately Inevitable

More and more, people are considering the possibility of a Universal Basic Income, a stipend received by all adult citizens which insures they can pay for their basic needs. Thomas Paine was one of the first to propose the idea, followed by the likes of Martin Luther King, Richard M. …