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Is There Another Ism?

Is There Another Ism?

Is there another ism 

 that we haven’t thought of yet 

  Can we change the schism 

    and not live in regret 

     Or are we forever doomed

      with what has always been 

       as some ideas have bloomed 

        because battles they did win 

         It seems that there are three 

        that have risen to the top 

       and limiting possibilities 

      is something we need to stop 

     In the great land of the free 

    Capitalism leads the way 

   You can be whatever you want to be 

  just make sure that you pay 

 all of the many stockholders 

who own the world in which you live

 and it’s put upon your shoulders 

  to them your capital you must give

   In other parts of the world 

    they go a different way 

     They’ve had more time for things to unfurl 

      and they have different rules to obey 

       Communism and Socialism 

        are sort of distant cousins 

         They are painted from the same prism 

          but have different repercussions 

         In socialism, the government takes most your money

        In communism, they take a bit more 

       I’ve heard it can be pretty crummy 

      when they come to knock on your door 

     It’s certainly true beyond a doubt 

    there are more isms than that 

   but to those three, people are so devout 

  and about them we need to chat 

 While it can certainly be argued 

that each of them has merit 

 we cannot let them be viewed 

  as the only way that we inherit 

   Capital is amazing 

    and we’ve done many great things with it 

     but we will go out blazing 

      if we let that be our limit 

       Communism and Socialism are similar 

        Both community and society are important 

         We need to keep them within our perimeter 

          but forcing them becomes discordant 

         Do we really need an ism 

        as we explore the road ahead 

       or could we implement a little more wisdom 

      and creativity instead 

     Just a very few centuries ago 

    these isms doesn’t even exist 

   If we can only let them go 

  we can have whatever future we wish