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The Power Of Four

The Power Of Four

now that we have the knowledge we do

we can look back at our history

by recognizing our patterns

we are granted with the liberty

to learn from the mistakes we’ve made

and try to correct our folly

and give more consideration

to what we’re trying to embody

as we lead these lives we lead

we’ve got to know our limits

you can lead a man to a good idea

but you can’t make him think it

but we can see what we’ve been thinking

and track our understanding

so the journey from what is to what if

need not be so demanding

because things always get complex

let’s start out with the simple

and look at things upon which we agree

and the notions that are nimble

that have played out in patterns

throughout our history

and been woven through our traditions

so we can all come together

and make the most of this existence

to start out with the basics

nature has four elements

water, air, earth, and fire

are the foundation of our development

eventually, nature peopled

and humanity was made

crafted with heart, mind, body, and spirit

it seems we have displayed

an affinity for or understanding of

things that come in quartets

and if we follow the flow of the fabulous four

we may start to connect

in ways that have always been there

but we’ve managed to ignore

yet a whole lot of life has found its balance

by coming up with four

on a personal note, i have personal interest

so i just want to be upfront and honest

my fascination may have

something to do with the fact

that my birthday’s on the fourth day of august

you should also know that when i was a kid

i was a 4-h club member

i learned about animals and agriculture

through the ridin’ rednecks chapter

i pledged my hands to greater service

and my health to better living

my heart to greater loyalty

and my head to clearer thinking

i haven’t always lived up to that

and there are many who could tell some stories

but i like to think i’m getting a better grasp of it

now that i’m in my forties

in math, four is the smallest number

that can be considered a composite

it’s the base number of a plane

and that’s probably because it’s

the same number of directions

we can decide to go

and you always play music in four four time

when you want to rock and roll

we also have four limbs

and four chambers to our hearts

if you think that’s incredible

just wait till i get started

we also have four blood types

and it goes even deeper

franklin delano roosevelt said

we also have four freedoms

there are four bases in baseball

other games have four periods

and there are quite a number of people

who take four letter words quite serious

if you look to the jewish tradition

god’s name had four letters

the bible also has four gospels and horsemen

the garden of eden had four rivers

the buddha shared four noble truths

hindus have four scriptures

pyramids have four sides

and the i ching has four symbols

the arcana of the tarot

has four suits that seekers enjoy

following the mystical guidance

of cups, swords, wands, and coins

others may seek their fortunes in poker

through hearts, spades, clubs, and diamonds

and, of course, we have four seasons

to enjoy this changing climate

as we change with our changing world

if we want to be effective

we’ll look at the patterns of history

and focus our directive

on the four roles stephen covey mentioned

as he spoke of the seven effective habits

he said, if you want to be a good leader

if you want to change your status

it starts when you direct the flow

and start to do what matters

as you become a director

you also start coaching others

if you give them the support they need

as they direct themselves

your ability to delegate

will be the only help

that is required from the people

that you have now empowered

by playing these four roles of leadership

and recognizing our

greatest goals as we live these lives

and carve out what will be our destiny

basically, we all want to love, learn, and live

and we also want to leave a legacy

i propose that we do just that

as we continue our evolution

let us embrace this way of balance

and invoke the wisdom revolution

we can direct our flow as artists of life

coaching others in our business

supporting each other as citizens

and delegating forgiveness

by realizing we’re all just making our way

and doing the best we can

and while none of us is perfect

we’re better than when we began

and we can use this power of four

to make life more dynamic

through our artistry, business,

citizenry, and community

we have abc squared economics

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