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Sweet Leaf Serenade

Sweet Leaf Serenade

Last year, I wrote a love song for tobacco. It’s been a fairly regular companion throughout my adult life, but I knew it was time to sever the ties so this is also a breakup song. It still took a little while to live up to the message of the song, but with it out of my system and as a regular part of my life, things are looking up.

This song was produced by JumpDog Audio Productions in Sarasota, Florida and features fiddle playing by Sara Stovall of Passerine.

When it gets picked as part of The Cowboy Cabaret, this is the accompanying poem…

America’s first big industry was something you could smoke
We filled fields up with tobacco so we could have a toke
But since those days of selling big leafs by the pound
It’s taken a different direction cuz what goes round comes round
Some say it’s quite harmful, and think it’s pretty lame
That it’s killed millions of people and we can’t find someone to blame
Yet, the smokers all say they love her and we make accommodations
We make special little areas where they can share in their addictions
But tobacco she’s an evil whore when she’s got you in her grips
And if you want to live a bit longer and fuller, I suggest you call it quits.

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