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Suddenly Seymour

Suddenly Seymour

Ever since the film came out in the 80’s, Little Shop of Horrors was one of my favorite musical. Funny, engaging, and toe-tapping, it’s one of those movies that I can watch over and over again, and it never grows old. And of course, “Suddenly Seymour” was one of those songs that I’ve always wanted to learn, so I now consider another entry on my bucket list scratched off.

Here is the Cowboy Cabaret poem that accompanies it…

Some girls, they tend to like bad boys

ones that will boss them around

They’re okay to be treated like play toys

and get smacked without making a sound

There ain’t too much confusion

over why they feel this way

for a long time women been losin’

been made to feel like property

But ladies, if you’ve got that need

to spend all of your life with one man

there are plenty out there that won’t make you bleed

they’ll lift you up and tell you you can

but you gotta steer clear of those bad boys

and find someone you can really adore

preferably someone who’s gainfully employed

a guy with a name like Seymour

He may not be the best lookin’

or be a guy that most girls would want

but that will keep him unremittin’

and make him appreciate the blessing he’s got

I know the bad boys are alluring

but if you really want to be loved

pick a lover that’s much more enduring

and makes you feel like you’re sent from above

so don’t overlook the nice guys

the ones that get picked on for being too smart

if you’re just picking lovers out because of their size

you’ve already missed out from the start