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The Wall of Ignorance

The Wall of Ignorance

When I questioned why I would have to pay more for avocados in order to pay for a wall I don’t want built yesterday on Facebook, I was given plenty of advice on growing my avocados, but the point of my statement was about much more than that. The truth is that Florida avocados are my favorite, as they are big, juicy, and taste great with a dash of pink Himalayan or Siesta Key Drum Circle salt, so I’m not truly at risk of getting a price hike in that regard. However, if you replace the word “avocados” with anything else you’re currently purchasing from Mexico, the price of that product or service is going to go up in order to pay for the wall.

Regardless of whatever power plays are developed to create financial theatrics, the bottom line is that the American people, and the rest of the world, will be paying for Trump’s wall any time they purchase something from Mexico. In the process, we’ll be crippling their economy, ostracizing them from the global market, and making their refugees even more frenzied in their search for a better life.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of the blog posts and articles people in favor of the wall use to bolster their argument about the danger of illegal aliens cite documents that don’t actually contain the statistics they claim or have no legitimate source for their findings at all. The tragedy is that this wall is being built with ignorance.

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