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Rise More Than We Fall in Greenville

Rise More Than We Fall in Greenville

When I came through Greenville two years ago, I stayed with Kevin for a night after meeting him on He is an incredibly gracious host and said that I was welcome back anytime so I decided to take him up on his offer and stay for a few nights.

One of the best things about Greenville South Carolina (and there are many wonderful things) is the Remedy Falls Park in the middle of downtown. The first day I arrived, after getting a bit of rain in the morning, the waterfalls were rather brown in color. However, they were still inspiring enough to let me know that the song should start in E minor.

I went back to Kevin’s and started sounding out a chord progression on my guitar, and it wasn’t long before a melody started coming to me. I recorded a minute long sample and listened to it on the loop as I set out to explore again, finding my way to the Conestee Nature Preserve. Although I had a couple of notions for a hook, they didn’t hook me enough and the next morning I returned to Reedy Falls with my guitar and let them speak to me.

The water was much more clear, and it didn’t take long for the lyrics to start coming through. You can read the lyrics below the video and see some more of the pictures I’ve taken below that.

Em G D ‘Em

Over and over, again and again

we decide to give up, or decide to begin

in every choice we decide if we lose or we win

Round and around, whether we’re women or men

We go up, we go down, and we tend to pretend

What we will be is contingent upon what we have been

C G D Em

Through all of our trials, try as we might

We find life requires that we keep up the fight

Our very survival depends upon us standing tall 

We may live in denial, and forget what’s right

We are offered revival when we see the light

It is vital that we always rise more than we fall

C D Em

We must rise more than we fall

Em G D ‘Em

Challenges face us, and face them we do

If we’re courageous, we see them as new

Ways that will save us And help us get through

This is the basis to help us find out who

We really are and what we should pursue

If we’re tenacious, we’ll discover the truth

C G D Em

The path that we follow May cause us to fail

Don’t give in to sorrow, don’t you cry and wail

Pull through to tomorrow even if you have to crawl

 these words may sound hollow, but you can prevail

Though your spirits are low, know this one detail

If we’re gonna grow, we have to rise more than we fall

C D Em

We must rise more than we fall

Em G D ‘Em

If you feel broken or if you feel bent

If your emotions make you resent

That your dreams have been stolen and you’re in a descent

There’s no need for commotion, no need to lament

There’s no magic potion, but you can reinvent

For it has been spoken, you can always try again

C G D Em

If you meet failure, just tell her your name

You may want to assail her, but she’s not to blame

She could be your savior if you only answer the call

It’s not your behavior, there’s no need for shame

We only get greater by playing the game

You’re in no danger if you rise more than you fall

C D Em

We must rise more than we fall