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44 Songs

44 Songs

To date, I have written 44 songs that I can remember. There were a couple of others I wrote in my early twenties, but they are probably better forgotten. However, of the 44 I laid as my own, I’m pretty pleased with them.

There are a lot of things I may not be very good at, but I’ve always been a good wordsmith. Some people can take a bunch of boards and build a house, or a bunch of colors and make a painting. I take words and tell a story, and I think it’s probably what I’m best at, which is why I offer custom poetry on the spot.

Writing a song is a bit more challenging because you have to consider the elements of verse, chorus, bridge, and such while poems don’t have those limitations. So a song takes a bit longer to write. A good part of that is finding out what the song is about. For me, the music usually comes first when writing a song, then I record myself playing the melody with a lot of “la la la”, and then I listen to that on a loop ad nauseum until I figure out the hook. Then I sit down and figure out which words fit with the melody.

Because I’m only staying in Cullowhee, North Carolina for a night, and because it’s not technically a city, I won’t be writing a song here on this trip. Currently, I’m making sure I remember enough of the lyrics I’ve written for my show tomorrow night at The Empty Glass in Charleston, West Virginia. However, my friends Adam and Regina invited me back, and I can’t wait to see this place in October.

Anyway, these are the songs I’ve written so far. I should have over fifty by the time I sit on this deck again.

  1. Another World Is Out There
  2. Are You Searching Too?
  3. Breathe
  4. Broken
  5. Captain Facebook
  6. Dear Mona Lisa
  7. Every Little Thing
  8. Feel
  9. Forgive Me
  10. From What Is To What If
  11. God Bless, America
  12. Happy
  13. I Can’t Wait To See You Go
  14. I Don’t Know Yet
  15. I Hope That You Have A Nice Day
  16. If Anybody Asks
  17. If Only
  18. I’ll Try
  19. I’m Just Getting Started
  20. Keep It Simple, Stupid
  21. Let It Flow
  22. Let’s Try This Again
  23. Live, Learn, Laugh, and Love
  24. Long Crawl
  25. Lookin’ At Me
  26. Lost As Me
  27. Mrs. Green
  28. Mystery
  29. 9/11/01
  30. Not an Option
  31. On the Road
  32. One People
  33. Reveal It In Me
  34. Rise More Than Fall
  35. Song for the People
  36. Steve
  37. Sweet Leaf Serenade
  38. Today
  39. The Beginning of the End
  40. The Game
  41. The Prodigal’s Lament
  42. The People That Made Me
  43. Venery
  44. Why Did I Chase You Away?

You can listen to most of these songs here on my website. Possible titles for upcoming songs include “Every Scar Has A Story” and “I Could Write A Book About All The Things I Don’t Know”.