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I Want To Break Free

I Want To Break Free

Although my rendition is a bit different than theirs, and I will be unlikely to perform this song in drag (but you never know), this may be one of my favorite songs by Queen. After seeing the film Bohemian Rhapsody, a new appreciate for their music was ignited, and I learned how to play this one and “We Are The Champions”. 

“I Want To Break Free” – performed by Steve McAllister

While I’m pretty sure that Freddie was singing about breaking free from a relationship, but for me, this is about breaking free of the Old World way of doing things in order to rise to our title of homo sapiens and actually become wise. Looking back over a long enough timeline, like I did with my book Money, Sex, Power & Faith, it’s pretty apparent that we’ve built a civilization largely based on the notions of debt, slavery, and violence spurred on by patriarcal notions of control and competition. Breaking free from these notions gives us the opportunity to open up to the possibility of guiding our civilization toward forgiveness, a renewed sense of citizenry, and collaboration which builds on our species’ inherent sense of creativity and innovation by nurturing the more feminine aspects of our nature.

I’m grateful that so many people are coming to the realization that we need to break free of the habits that aren’t working for us and causing the hierarchy to waver. I realize that it often seems like such a distant journey to reach the world we imagine, but embracing what we want requires releasing what we don’t. Although our individual journeys toward becoming who we want to be may seem insignificant among the 7.5 billion of us that are creating the world we know, but I hope knowing that others among that 7.5 billion are on the same journey as you brings you comfort as we all slowly move toward that world together.

I Want To Break Free

Quite often, life can be stifling

when we are faced with all the demands

of what is required of us from society

and the lords that rule our lands.

While I recognize that there is a system

and everything needs to be property,

sometimes I feel like a slave to it

and I really just want to break free.

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