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Planning For My Platform

Planning For My Platform

The only thing I’ve ever done consistently on the Internet is fuck around. Nevertheless, I am trying my best to use my time more diligently and really share what I have to offer.

I realized that I would often spend more time putting content onto Facebook than I was my own website. In other words, I was creating content for Mark Zuckerberg and drawing attention to his platform for free. 

If I’m going to work for free, I think it should be for myself. So I have started to put more time into creating and publishing content on my own platform at my website 

I started with the New Moon, putting out less-than-a-minute long, Instagram-friendly videos with a call out to my website at the end. I was able to schedule them out for once a day on YouTube, and when they came out, I would write a few paragraphs about the message, post my blog, then post the video with a link to my blog on instagram. From there, I automatically post them on Facebook and Twitter as well. Then, if it’s appropriate, I also publish the blog with the video to, also with a link back to my website.

With this Full Moon being a Harvest Moon, I’ve realized how much content I already have created by way of all of the songs that I recorded at the beginning of the year and the ones that I have written since. Along with the video blog everyday, I will also be releasing a blog about one of the songs that I perform along with a recording. My original songs are scheduled to be released on Fridays to coincide with their release through streaming services like Spotify, Pandora, and iTunes. 

I’m sure that I will most likely recycle a lot of this content eventually, but I have well over 500 of those short videos produced already, and around 200 songs in my repertoire, with plenty of things to say about them. I hope you enjoy what I have to offer and keep coming back for more music, entertainment,  and inspiring ideas.

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