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Hamilton Across America

Hamilton Across America

The following video is a compilation of highlights from 15 hours worth of riding footage captured on my 73 day cross-country motorcycle tour in 2022. Of the 10,500 miles I rode on the trip, for most of them, I was probably listening to the Hamilton soundtrack. Not being a subscriber to any musical streaming service, I found that Hoopla allowed me to check out digital files through my library, and Hamilton was one of the first to pop up as a recommended item. Having already seen the show on Disney+ a few times, I love the music, the lyrical wizardry, and the variety of moods which made it a perfect riding companion.

When I got to Austin, Texas, I figured out how to play the opening number on my guitar, and thoughout the journey, I thought it would be funny to do a “Hamilton Across America” video series with Hamilton songs as the background music since that’s what I was probably listening to when I was recording the footage. I do intend to release videos with my original songs as well, but in the meantime, I still want to see what Hamilton Across America looks like and to thank Lin Manuel Miranda for the inspiration.

From August 27 to November 7 of 2022, I rode through 24 states and the District of Columbia in order to learn more and educate others about the legacy of Will Rogers. After returning to Sarasota, I edited the video footage I’d collected with other historical content into a feature length documentary, The Road To Will. I am currently booking the 2023 tour to include screenings of the film and performances of my one man shows The Cowboy Cabaret, an interactive experience of music and poetry, and Get The Bunk Out, based on Will Rogers’ political humor as the 1928 presidential candidate for the Anti-Bunk Party.

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