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An Ode To The Stages Of Consciousness

An Ode To The Stages Of Consciousness

This poem was inspired by the word of Dr. David Hawkins.

Viewing the state of humanity

there seems to be some stages

as we entertain insanity

quite often it enrages

us to think we are separate from the source of our existence

and we find ourselves in Shame

feelings of misery rise up with persistance

and we have only ourselves to blame

we feel Guilt for being who we are

and feel like we’re never enough

with our very souls we constantly spar

and the battle is very rough

hope becomes a distant dream

as we play out our lives as tragedy

and due to our lowly sense of self esteem

all we embrace is Apathy

mired in our suffering

we live our lives in Grief

the burden of existence is smothering

and there seems to be little relief

that life will ever improve

we find ourselves in Fear

down the path of growth we want to move

but the way is never clear

wanting more than we’ve had before

a new life we Desire

picking ourselves up off the floor

we try to lift ourselves up higher

with the state of ourselves and the world around us

Anger starts to build

life continues to confound us

as we try to feel fulfilled

struggling to improve our lot

we begin to find our stride

and though we often still feel distraught

we also begin to feel Pride

wandering through the ups and downs

ourselves we still disparage

our miseries continue to compound

but we start to muster some Courage

we see glimmers of hope begin to shine

as wins and losses become reality

instead of only finding reasons to whine

we open to Neutrality

however life turns out for us

we start to realize our significance

rather than merely making a fuss

we participate in life with Willingness

whatever life provides

we receive it with Acceptance

we follow along as it guides

and begin to feel expectance

we start to see our journey as our evolution

and though we may never reach completion

we know there’s not a single solution

and we are able to entertain Reason

for all that life has to offer

whether it’s below or it’s above

when we realize we are our own life’s author

we can embrace our lives with Love

regarless of our circumstance

what we are given and what we are giving

we are finally able to advance

into the Joy of living

when we reach the point of letting go

when we let our strivings cease

when we don’t always have to be setting goals

we find ourselves in the arms of Peace

returning to who we really are

in this labyrinth of entitlement

the journey does not seem so far

as we realize the state of Enlightenment

however we may identify

from poverty to providence

what we think about we amplify

for what we are is consciousness