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What You Can Expect In The Year To Come

What You Can Expect In The Year To Come

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Now that the days are already growing longer, I’m trying to use them the best that I can. I’ve spent the last few weeks organizing and scheduling, looking at my goals more intensely and developing strategies to achieve them. I tend to have some pretty lofty, multi-tiered goals so I offer this to you as a way of letting you know what this Steve McAllister guy is up to with all of his random bursts of creativity and such.

So here’s the goal. My intention is to schedule out all of the creative content I’ve developed over the last 48 years or so in the hopes that it will inspire people to empower me in my next endeavors by liking and sharing my content, purchasing my books and songs, supporting me through Patreon, and/or booking me for performances and workshops so that I’m able to travel the world doing what I do best.

Over the course of the next year, my website will be publishing 3-4 blogs a day in a steady stream of book excerpts, poetry, music, and videos. There will be a daily post of inspiration and encouragement called “Your Daily Groove”. You’ll have weekly entries on the relevance of Will Rogers’ century-old political wit today, chapters from my books Money, Sex, Power, and Faith, which questions the building blocks of our civilization, the philosophical, sci-fi comedy, How to Survive an Estralarian Mind Meld, and episodes of my podcast Renaissance SRQ, discussing issues of Sustainability, Resilience, and Quality of Life. Every other week, I’ll be publishing chapters from my documentary series Home Free, about Sarasota, Florida’s challenges with homelessness, and my guide to Experiencing Paris, which aims to serving as a script for my actual trip there. I’ll also be releasing chapters from the travelogue inspired by Jack Kerouac, The Rucksack Letters, my first novel, Descent, set in Sarasota, a limited video seres on Overcoming the Opiod Epidemic, bi-weekly posts of poetry and music from The Cowboy Cabaret and its companion book Cowboy Up, episodes of the sci-fi conspiracy series, One Minute Sixty Seconds, and releases of my films, the documentary Attention Deficit Disorder: Life At A Different Pace, and the post-military drama, Lesson Learned.

My hope is find enough people who appreciate what I’ve done to support me in doing what I want to do. Basically, I want to travel the world performing Will Rogers Revived, The Cowboy Cabaret, and as Steve McAllister and the Wandering Soul Band, wherever I can find artists to play with me. Along the way, I’d like to continue developing more episodes of Renaissance SRQ by having and recording discussions with people engaged with Sustainability, Resilience, and Quality of Life, produce more installations of The Labyrinth of the Unbroken Path, write scripts, produce films, and act. In my experience, of all the jobs I’ve ever had and tasks I’ve ever performed, these have usually been my most effective means of providing value through service.

Not only do I want to serve the world through music, poetry, and performance, I also seek to direct as much of the economic development my activity stimulates toward the 4 aspects of my life in order to develop a more sustainable, balanced, and democratic economic model. Since starting to use money again after taking a year of trying not to use it, I’ve been experimenting with my ABC2 Economic theory with the money I’ve made, and I’m ready to take it to the next level. So as I am developing more balance in my life, emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually, I will be channelling the financial energy I develop to address and empower my Artistry, Business, Citizenry, and Community.

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Thank you for your time, and please let you know when you enjoy something I offer.

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