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We Are The Artists Of Our Lives

We Are The Artists Of Our Lives

We are the artists of our lives. Regardless of how similar we may be to others, each of our lives is completely unique, and it is up to us just how unique they become. How we respond to what we are given to work with empowers us to either fill the canvas masterfully to create lives of beauty or to copy the patterns of victimhood that have been played out by less inspired life artists throughout history.

To live consciously, we are best served by recognizing the various mediums we are given with which to craft our lives. The better we are able to understand the potential in each of these capacities, the more vibrant the art that will blossom from our lives.

The Art of the Spiritual

Spiritual themes have inspired much of the art we know. Although much of it has transcended the spiritual and celebrated merely the religious, getting back to the simplicity of having gratitude for whatever energy keeps providing all of our breaths and holds our cells together so gracefully is a great place to start living artfully. Merely by establishing the practice of taking a few moments today to connect with this energy in the realization that whatever power created the cosmos is still working through us can have a profound effect in our ability to channel that energy and create lives aligned with the ideal vision of divinity.

The Art of the Physical

Finding gratitude for that which provides our bodies and the physical world in which we live, we are empowered to refine and sculpt them into the best versions of themselves. The choices we make in the nutrition and exercise we supply to our bodies craft the quality of service they provide to us. In the same sense, how we treat the physical world and manipulate our environment has incredible effects on how we are able to sustain health for our bodies, our communities, and our well-being for years to come. May we do it mindfully.

The Art of the Mental

As so much of what we know of life is our perception of it, mental health is integral to our mastery and is all too often ignored in modern society. Having connected with the spirit that drives us and the bodies that move us, the power to fill our minds with the information we require to best care for those capacities enables us to operate with intelligence. Fostering good mental health and intelligently focusing our ambitions permits us to release our attachments to what has been in the past and what we imagine in the future in order to create a more harmonious and productive present.

The Art of the Emotional

Our mental health creates vibrations in our physical body that produce our emotions. For artists of life and artists of more tangible mediums, these emotions have great power to influence what we create and how it will affect others. While they are certainly a challenge to control, a true craftsperson is open to great challenges, for that is what makes their craft so special.

As you create the art of today, take a moment to consider the tools you have to work with. Close your eyes, feel your breath, and connect with the Spirit of Life that is giving you this opportunity for existence. Ask your body what it needs for nourishment and functionality. Consider the knowledge you will need in order to make the decisions required of you this day, and move forward with the determination to live the moments you have been granted for this day in love, peace, and joy.

Now go be fabulous.

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