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The Return of “A Walk In The Park”

The Return of “A Walk In The Park”

Last year, I played with the idea of doing a series of videos called “A Walk In The Park”. Basically, the idea is that I take a walk in the park, holding my phone in video mode on a selfie stick, and talk about what I want the world to know. I did it for 21 days, more or less, and then I gave it up, and went on to or back to all of the other disparate projects clamoring for my attention.

I figure, it’s time to start it again.

However, it will probably only be a few times a week instead of a daily thing. Generally, when I start a new project, I want to make it a daily thing, when it should actually be weekly or bi-weekly thing. As far as projects (and relationships) go, I’m sort of like George from Of Mice and Men, loving things just a bit too much sometimes.

Anyway, since I’m starting a Patreon account and my intro video states that I’m declaring my personal sovereignty to become the Autonomous Nation of Stevetopia, and that I want to develop ABC2 Economics as a means of balancing the economy by democratizing digital transaction by means of blockchain, I figure I should probably elaborate.

Plus, my taking these walks in the park helps me remember what I need to write down. Sometimes, I use voice to text, and sometimes I shoot video. Video just tends to be easier to share.

One of the challenges I’ve had in my life is that I’ve never found that one thing that I wanted to do. I’ve just wanted to be Steve McAllister and do stuff that I enjoy that I think would benefit others. And sometimes I’ve done things that I didn’t enjoy, but they were of benefit to others and to myself, so I did my best to learn to enjoy them.

Well, now that I’m nearing the end of my fifth decade on this planet, and my 17,777th day in just a few months, I think I’m finally starting to find my stride, and I’ve realized what I enjoy the most that brings the most benefit to others. So I’m just going to keep on doing those things, and we’ll see where that gets us.

What I enjoy most is just being an artist, albeit in a variety of mediums, but I am truly grateful for the opportunity to be the artist of my own life. While actually performing in front of people and communicating with them is the highest joy, the writing, rhyming, music, and video production that comes along with that is pretty fulfilling as well, I appreciate that the conditions of my experience on this planet have given me certain abilities, or some might call them permissions or entitlements, and stengths that allow me to do things that not everyone is capable of doing. And that’s where I think I may be able to offer the greatest benefit to others and the greatest value of my existence.

Since I’ve used the last few decades to carve out a pretty interesting path for myself, which included a bit of hitchhiking, living without money, and homelessness, all with a smile on my face, I’ve got a unique perspective on how most people live their lives, and where we might make some improvements. And since I believe that any change we want to see in the world must start with ourselves, I’m doing what I think is the logical next step in my path as a lifestyle stuntman.

Although some may find it troubling and may want to attack me for being unpatriotic, in order to help the people of my country and beyond, I’ve decided to declare my personal sovereignty as the Autonomous Nation of Stevetopia. Because I don’t do jobs that take taxes out of my paycheck, and since I haven’t made much money since I stopped using it for a year, it’s been about a decade since I’ve had any interaction with the Internatl Revenue Service. And while I appreciate the attempt at creating a more perfect union, I think that I can come up with something better.

So part of my mission is to work with economists and designers to build a more “bottoms up” approach to economics, rather than the “trickle down” theory that has created such inequality in our society. For the first time in history, we have the technology to develop a more democratic economic system, and I truly believe that ABC2 Economics can play a role in helping us all to create the society that we actually want, rather than the wasteful ideology of rampant consumerism and indebtedness perpetuated by the small percentage of the population consumed with merely increasing their own wealth.

I hope you join me for my walks in the park as I further discuss my latest endeavor.

Photo by Erik Witsoe on Unsplash

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