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The Choice To Play Our Roles

The Choice To Play Our Roles

In each moment is a choice

Of heroism or victimhood

Each moment allows for enlightenment

And each moment offers the allure of shadows of ignorance

Thus is the call of Christ is repeated

As our egos turn from the Source

And disconnect from who we are

As if separation were possible

From the Alpha and Omega

The Beginning and the End

The Allness of the All

And the Isness of the Is

As if we existed in a different reality than what Is

The one life we share

As our perspectives intertwine

And we co-create existence

Through religions based on hearsay

Governments founded by invisible lines

Science bound to suppositions

And the culture we become

Submerging ourselves in our roles

Forgetting we are the actors

Driving the characters we think we are

Photo by Jens Lelie on Unsplash