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The Challenge Before Us

The Challenge Before Us

from my perspective, it would seem

that before us we have a challenge

we have created an economy

that isn’t very balanced

largely because finance

has become the go-to industry

but we have barely scratched the surface

of our true ability

to use this tool with more intent

than to merely profit, gain, and grow

the size of our carbon footprint

and the sizes of our egos

the way things have been done before

have largely been based on hierarchy

but the way in which we’re moving now

is much more about democracy

many of us have been very well trained

to serve the people at the top

but many more have realized

it’s time for this to stop

it seems as if we’ve reached a point

where there could be some tipping

and we can give power to the people

if we can do some more equipping

of understanding who we really are

and just what we can do

to flip the hierarchy

and create the world anew

so let’s start it out, we all have hearts

and we struggle with emotions

but they make us feel alive

and they offer us the notion

that the water in our tears

is the water that sustains us

and like tides and ebbs, rivers and streams

the flow does much to change us

and how we deal with the waves we feel

the process of that catharsis

is ultimately up to us

and if we live our lives as artists

we create our moments

and listen to our minds

we choose the voices to ignore

and the ones that help us find

the way to higher purpose

and actions that have meaning

when we can feel of service

and ideas start their streaming

just as water becomes a cloud

our emotions become ideas

and when that light bulb goes off

usually our tendency is

to start another business

to create another stream

of revenue to rise to the challenge

to manifest our dream

for generations, it has been enough

to engage with things we create and sell

we’re the only species to have art or markets

and we think it’s pretty swell

but as we grow in knowledge

hopefully, we also grow in wisdom

and as we continue to evolve

we have to make new decisions

humans are a complex lot

we are more than just thoughts and emotions

we also have these bodies

like land emerged from oceans

the water that flows through us

renders blood and flesh and bone

inhabiting these earth suits

our minds and hearts have found a home

living in our bodies we experience the world

and matter becomes what matters

as reality unfurls

because we’re different than other critters

we make weapons, tools, and music

we often get caught up in our own power

and sometimes we abuse it

some of us don’t even consider ourselves

as being part of nature

and this ignorant entitlement

creates some really bad behavior

when we emerge from this planet

we claim it as our birthright

then we strip it, mine it, and suck it dry

never realizing that it’s finite

but if we can get back to reality

remember we’re beasts and realize we are burdens

our species is called homo sapiens

and that’s supposed to mean wise person

now whoever came up with that one

was feeling pretty hopeful

because it seems our foolish ways

have the planet in a chokehold

now, it’s not all our faults

because we’ve been trained to be consumers

but we gotta wake up and implement wisdom

if we want our species to have a future

we can still be artists and we can still have business

but we’ve got to use some discipline

we’ve got to be more than programmed consumers

we’ve got to rise up and be citizens

so if you want to change the world

this is your opportunity

to realize we are all part of the all

we are all one big global community

Photo by Jukan Tateisi on Unsplash

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