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The Art of the Image

The Art of the Image

At an event I went to this weekend, there was a guy dressed up as Santa who was taking pictures with the kids and fur babies. I say it was a guy who was dressed as Santa because he had to ask my name, and the real Santa would have known it already. Anyway, he asked about my typewriter and poetry on one of his passes through the market, and when he came back later, he said he wanted a poetry about the art of photography.

He showed me some of his own photographs on his phone, and they were exquisitely colorful. I could see how much joy he took in capturing them. So I wrote this poem for Santa’s doppleganger, and he was really impressed.


Some say that photos capture

the stillness of a moment

but I say they release

energy that was dormant

for while we do take pictures

it’s only so we can share them

holding image to image

allows us to compare them

for every photo that we take

every single picture

contains so much diversity

a lovely little mixture

of light and dark, color and shape

each image is unique

and when we listen with our hearts

to us they will speak

they’ll show us all new beauty

we didn’t know was there

they don’t allow for apathy

because they make us care

photography as an art of love

for the world that is around us

and the places it can take you

allows your spirit to be boundless

whenever you take a picture

remember it’s your duty

to give back to the world

by celebrating its beauty