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I Leave It To Your Discretion

I Leave It To Your Discretion

When I ask someone what they want their poem to be about, I listen to the words they say. Many know exactly what they want, and with a few more prompting questions, I can get a clearer idea. However, some people don’t know and they leave it up to me.

Whenever they do, I generally go off of however they communicate that I can write whatever I want. For this particular poem, she said, “I leave it to your discretion” so that became the title for the poem.


There are always bound to be people

who will tell you how to live

whether you want them or not

their opinions they freely give

but I won’t tell you what to do

your freedom that would lessen

so however you want to live your life

I leave it to your discretion

whatever you want to do with your time

is completely up to you

it’s your choice what you say

and it’s your choice what you do

you can choose your own adventure

you can ask your own questions

your life is your own piece of art

so I leave it to your discretion

you can love whomever you want to

share your life with whomever you wish

if anyone tells you otherwise

that’s advice you should dismiss

your life is yours to call your own

so be free with your expression

whomever you want to be

I leave it to your discretion