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The Journey We Are On

The Journey We Are On

Photo by LOGAN WEAVER on Unsplash

This poem was commissioned by a mother for her son, who has been using his prison sentence to change himself from the inside out.

The journey we are on

takes us where we need to go

where our path will lead us

we do not always know

of one thing we can be certain

regardless of the hour

our steps are layed before us

planned by a higher power

wherever we find ourselves

there is sure to be a need

and when we open to our inner voice

when we listen and we heed

we realize those around us

are on the same path as we

our task is to be the light of the world

that allows us all to see

that regardless of our flaws

or mistakes that we have made

however many times

from our true path we have strayed

each of us is worthy

to have and to give love

and when we take the journey inward

we see that as below is as above

wherever you are planted

and wherever you might be

allow Divine Love to flow through you

and you are always free