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Take a Dump with Me

Take a Dump with Me

My sister-in-law, to whom I gave a copy of one of my books for Christmas a few years ago, informed me that the reason she hasn’t read it completely is a matter of time and space. She has it on her nightstand where she intends to read it before she goes to bed. The problem is she says that my book does not incite sleepiness; it actually makes her think. So she’s contemplated moving it to the kitchen table where she can read it in the morning to get her brain ready for the day ahead. But I think there’s a better place for my book as well as a better time to read it.

The best place for How to Survive and Estralarian Mind Meld is in the bathroom. The book is broken down into 77 parts, each one only 2-4 pages long, the perfect length to turn an ordinary bowel movement into a transformational experience. Out with the old, in with the new, I always say. So the next time you need to relieve yourself, take a copy of my book with you as you ascend your throne, and enjoy the journey toward turning the shit in your life into something much more valuable than you could have imagined.

How to Survive and Estralarian Mind Meld is currently available in ebook and paperback. Get your copy today and let your bowel movements be entertaining and inspiring. 


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