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My Ideal Woman

My Ideal Woman

In October, on my second excursion offering “pay-what-you-want-poetry”, I we nt to a small festival in downtown Sarasota, and met a few of the artisans and vendors. One of them was devastatingly beautiful, and I’ve been fortunate enough to cross paths with her at a few other festivals. Unfortunately, she has a live-in boyfriend, like most women I find myself attracted to.

Nevertheless, we’ve become friends, and I was glad to set up my “pay-what-you-want-poetry” stool near her tent when I saw her at a recent outdoor festival. I told her that I thought that, after being a bicyclist for ten years, having a gas-powered vehicle would improve my dating life, but unfortunately, the single women that I meet are all afraid of getting on a motorcycle. She said I should write down what I actually want in my ideal woman so that I can draw her toward me.

She said that she wrote down what she wanted in her ideal man back in April and the very next day, she met the man who is now her live-in boyfriend. Since I hadn’t really thought about it, I figured I’d give it a shot, and though I’m not much for making lists of that sort, it did come out in poetry.


She should wake up every morning

and see the world as new

everyday is an adventure

to her purpose she is true

she understands herself as spirit

but embraces no religious dogma

she’s more likely to bring healing

then to create a lot of drama

she’s not too caught up in the ways of the world

and she’s open to go with the flow

she doesn’t put on a lot of airs

she doesn’t put on a show

while family means a lot to her

it’s not limited by blood

it’s the community she creates

as with the world she shares her love

she has a strong sense of creativity

and her life is her greatest art

and when she expresses herself

she expresses from her heart

if she doesn’t want to do something

there’s just no way to make her

but she appreciates the simple things

and loves time spent in nature

she doesn’t need to be perfect

and we need not always agree

what I mostly need from my ideal woman

is that she wants to be with me