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The Lives We Imagine

The Lives We Imagine

During my second week at the Meadows Farmers Market, I had a few people who wanted a poem. The first was a volunteer at the event named Pam. Her neighbors, longtime friends of hers, had recently moved to Florida, where they’ve faced a number of things go wrong with their new house and had someone smash into their car, totaling it. She wanted a poem to let them know they aren’t alone and that they will make it through these challenging times.


(yeah, I misspelled it in the original)

The lives we often live

are not the lives that we imagine

as much as we might plan

the unexpected happens

sometimes it feels like life’s a test

and we don’t have the answers

it can seem like life’s a gamble

and all we take our chances

and when things don’t work out

the way we thought they would

and things do not unfold

the way we think they should

the temptation comes upon us

to be sad and to be depressed

for all we wish to make of life

it seems we just make a mess

but we always need remember

but there’s a mystery to life

we don’t know why we must face challenges

or go through so much strife

we may never understand

and there’s nothing too into it

but as long as we still feel love in our hearts

we’ll have others to help us through it