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Life Poem 714

Life Poem 714

I’ve been a lot of places

and I’ve done a lot of things

I’ve never wanted to be basic

I just wanted to sing

about the beauty in the world

and the wonder in our hearts

and as things have unfurled

I’ve practiced many arts

I’m not always good at them

some would say I’m not always good

I do a lot of things that I shouldn’t

and I don’t do what I should

for the most part, I’m a poet

an artist of words and ideas

I know I may not always show it

but the way that I’m trying to be is

as a vessel that can be used

that’s also an artist of life

and I am no longer confused

on how to alleviate strife

I just need to see what’s needed

and ask how what I’ve got fits in

then that cycle is repeated

until I’ve got no more left to give

but that day is not yet upon us

and I don’t mean to brag

but I’m just trying to be honest

I’ve got some pretty nice skills in my bag

yet for anything I may have done

and in whatever I may do

I believe God has a begotten son

and he’s living in me and you

and every other actor

in this world stage were given

it’s important that we factor

in a faith that’s beyond heaven

and has nothing to do with eternal rewards

or what lies beyond the hereafter

until we’re no longer moving towards

and we can just embrace the laughter

that comes when we realize that I am you

and you are also me

and the reason we are here

is to turn that into we

I don’t care if you’re a Christian

or if you actually follow Christ

I’m not asking for belief competition

or to sanctify one way as right

you could also be Hindu or Muslim

or a Wiccan or a Buddhist

if you’re grateful to whatever puts breath in your lungs

I’m not trying to refuse it

but let us love beyond our symbols of God

and let us love one another as well

let us all make our lives works of art

and the stories that we tell

when we prophesy our new hereafter

and the future we create

for what will be revealed in that chapter

is written by what we do today