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Let the Seeds of America Blossom

Let the Seeds of America Blossom

When the seeds of America were planted

And this constitution was framed

There was no word written of democracy

And there’s no one we need to blame

With only 6% of the country voting

White men who owned land

They decided to just throw some parties

Federalists and democrat/republicans

Eventually, Federal was redundant

And everyone served the same goal

If you’re on the team for republic or democrat

You just got to play your role

But America has expanded

And we have to change our behavior

Because this melting pot of a country

Has a lot of different flavors

Well it’s safe to stick with vanilla and chocolate

That’s not the American way

We want choices and selection

We crave diversity

So if we can have it with our ice cream

And choose our fate when we go to the store

We deserve it in the voting booth

We are capable of so much more

We ought to be ashamed of ourselves

To accept only red and blue

It is time to react like the people we are

It is time that we got a clue

If you’re tired of this game where winner takes all

And half of us are forced to be losers

Where some of us become mortal enemies

And others become heavy drug users

If we’re brave enough to innovate

And collaborate instead of compete

We will more often taste victory

And lessen the sting of defeat

Imagine if we could vote for good

And not just the evils that the two parties offer

What if we expand beyond parties at all

Just imagine how much we could prosper

If we want democracy to blossom

If we really want it to succeed

It will take so much more than just a couple of parties

Ranked Choice Voting is what we need

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