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From What Is To What If

From What Is To What If

While my next song isn’t due to be released until November 20, I feel compelled to release the video early. Something tells me that we’ll need it.

This song was inspired by Rob Hopkins, the founder of the Transition movement, which started in hopes of moving to a world without oil, but expanded to include transitioning to a world of greater resilience. His book From What Is To What If inspired me to create “The What If Journal” before inspiring me to write this song. These are all calls for humans to use our imaginations.

Human innovation has not run out. Some of our antiquated methodologies make things seem hopeless. We must be practice the wisdom, freedom, and courage required to move from what is to what if. As an aside, when I recorded this song, I wanted a fuller sound, but only had my six string and twelve string guitars. The shaker you year is two small boxes of Frosted Flakes cereal, and the ride cymbal is actually a wooden spoon on the side of a compost bucket. Later, I discovered a maraca, tambourine, and wooden frog before Kyle added a bass guitar and electric guitar.

I hope the song inspires you and that you share it with someone who will appreciate it.

This song will be released through Spotify, iTunes, etc., on 11/20/2020. Until then, please SHARE this video, follow Steve McAllister on Spotify and visit for more music. Thank you.