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I’m Just Getting Started

I’m Just Getting Started

In addition to the handful of performances I have set up for this tour, I have decided to write a new song for every city I visit. This morning, I woke up shortly after 6 o’clock in Cocoa Beach. The shoreline was one block from where I am staying, and it was glorious to watch it rise at 6:45.

My host had some errands to run for work, which left me in the house by myself. I walked around the pool, thinking about what I should write a song about, and a number of thoughts went through my head, but “I’m just getting started” was the most prevalent.

This morning I woke up to watch the sun rise

A new day in a new place has opened my eyes

I leave behind yesterday’s wreckage as I breathe in the day

Whatever I’ve done before, whomever I’ve been

I won’t go back to be that again

As I step out in faith, I pray that I will find a way

All and I’ve gone through to get where I am

Missteps and failures have made me feel damned

Even when I have been up, I still felt downhearted

But each day I wake up and I’m able to breathe

I can find strength to crawl out from beneath

The past is now finished, but I’m just getting started

I’m just getting started

Decades of mistakes are in my rear view

I’m looking forward to a world that is new

The past is behind me and I don’t know what’s up ahead

As the road stretches out, the way is not clear

All that I know is I can only be here

A new day, a new life, the man that I once was is dead

With a heart of compassion I forgive the past

With eyes that are open, I can see at last

 I move bravely ahead though the way is uncharted

Life’s taught me lessons every time that I’ve failed

But I won’t give up, I won’t be derailed

I’ve still got a long way to go, and I’m just getting started

I’m just getting started

Though every bad moment may seem abhorrent

Lessons are apparent though I thought that they weren’t

But now it’s transparent and currently I can see the plan

Through all of the mistakes, the pain and the headaches

I’ve had some bad breaks and wish I had retakes

But I can’t forsake what has made me wake up to who I am

I’m grateful for every moment I’ve lived

And from this moment on, my life I will give

What I once held dearly has now become dearly departed

The spirit of life is alive and it’s well

And I have no need to reside in my hell

Oh, it may be the end of the world, I’m just getting started

I’m just getting started