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I’m Disappointed in the Women of America

I’m Disappointed in the Women of America

I am disappointed in the women of America. The first candidate to announce her campaign for president in the 2024 election was Marianne Williamson, and the women of America have barely noticed. Just over a hundred years after getting the right to vote, the most qualified woman to bring America the healing that it needs runs for president, and the women of America do nothing.
Their pussy hats are in their drawers. Their Bernie signs have started to fade. And they are still trying to decide between which of the shriveled dicks that ran last time is going to be their champion.
When I read Marianne Williamson’s book The Healing of America 20 years ago, I hoped she would be president. It has been challenging to watch her learn the hard lessons of America’s corrupt political system as she has run for Congress and the Democratic presidential candidate. And now that she is stepping out again, offering solutions that the two prominent candidates aren’t even capable of thinking about, the women of America aren’t even listening.
The Democratic corporation has decided that Joe Biden will continue to be their candidate and has refused to even allow him to debate Marianne or any other candidates. And even though very few Americans want Joe Biden to run again, and many other Americans certainly don’t want a rerun of the Trump show, even fewer American women have considered that it is their turn to lead this country. Their leader is waiting for them to embrace their power, and American women have done nothing to hear her out or support her.
I realize that the Bernie devotees have probably followed his advice and gotten in line to support Biden without even giving Marianne a thought. But where are the feminists? Where are all of the women that have recently had their reproductive rights taken away from them? Where are the women who are tired of having their pussies grabbed? Are they really listening to another shriveled dick tell them they have to vote between two other shriveled dicks again?
I apologize for my crassness, but women of America, please pull your heads out of your asses? You are being given one of the greatest opportunities of your lifetimes. Although some men would say that Marianne Williamson does not have the qualifications to be president, I think she is the most qualified person in the country for the role, and she is meeting her moment in history. I pray that the women of America will meet their moment in history and support Marianne in the healing of America.