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God Bless, America

God Bless, America

I’ve made it my mission this year to write one song per month. It wasn’t necessarily a resolution since I made it on New Years Day after writing a song called “Broken” about the beauty in brokenness. I just knew that I had it in my to do it, but I didn’t want to set myself up for unrealistic expectations. I’m happy to say that I’ve finished my seventh song of the year.

Since July celebrates American independence, and since those celebrations seem much more timid than in years past, I thought of how funny my girlfriend thought it was last month when I simply added a comma to “God Bless America”. It kind of changes the whole meaning of the phrase, and we’re at a time when I think the change is necessary.

I hope to one day have a better production of this song, but in the meantime, I wanted to make sure that I got it out into the world by the end of the month. I think the lyrics are poignant, and although it was written with tongue placed firmly in cheek, it says what I think needs to be said. Although the lyrics are in the video, I’ll post them below for you as well. Enjoy!

God Bless, America

America, it’s been a long time since you were framed
You never show any sign of restraint or of shame

You went from underdog to leader of the free world
You’ve got bases every place you can think to
Your protection through policing’s got us concerned
Who’s gonna protect us all from you?

God bless, America
You’ve got so many guns
Don’t let paranoia
Distract you from your fun
Excess is your heritage
No such thing as enough
God bless, America
You sure do make things tough

Someone’s going to have to explain
It’s unbearable
Your normalcy is just so insane

You’re so eloquent when you wax on about freedom
As you clock into your third job of the day
You’ve got liberty to live whatever life you want
As long as all the owners keep getting paid

God bless, America
You’d better get to work
You vote for TV characters
And venerate your jerks
It’s almost hysterical
To see you serve the upper class
God bless, America
Get your head out of your ass

Why you gotta make so much damn garbage?
Why you always gotta be so damn loud?
Life’s about more than just a market
Being great’s about being more than being proud

God bless, America
You once led the way
But I digress, it’s imperative
You move beyond cliche
You’re more than what you are called
For that you can’t be blamed
God bless, America
If that’s your real name?

America, land of the free, home of the brave
It’s criminal
To fence and wall up folks cuz you’re afraid

You started with such noble aspirations
And led the way with poise and dignity
Little did we consider your revolution
Was built with genocide and slavery

God bless, America
You can be born again
Your past mistakes are terrible
And you don’t need to relive them

that learn how to forgive
Let the past fade to the past
Let life be about the lives we live
And the future that we craft

God bless, America
You need the support
Your ego is so delicate
And you need to be adored
It’s just so damn incredible
to have such opportunity
God bless, America
What’s your response to your ability?

God bless, America

what kind of people will you be?

God bless, America

Can you turn me to we?


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