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Getting My Website Working

Getting My Website Working

I got this website a few years ago and I haven’t used it as effectively as I could have. I’ve used it to put out some of my old writings and share my book with the world, but I haven’t really used it to fully promote Steve Mc and all that he does. So since I just paid to renew the hosting, I’ve decided to be more aggressive with my use of my website and they potential that it offers.

Since I’vealready started celebrating having rotated around the sun 48 times, and will be celebrating with family and friends on 8/4 of this year, I intend to more fully offer my services as an educator, entertainer, public speaker, producer, and writer. Over the last several years, I have fulfilled these rules through poetry, songs, books, articles, scripts, and tours, and I plan to spend this next spin around the sun embracing my eccentricity even more. Because I have had so many opportunities to practice so many things, it may be difficult to deliver all that I do in a cohesive manner. Fortunately, most people don’t really peruse the internet in a cohesive way anyway.

It is my goal to put at least something out through this internet portal everyday, whether it be a poem, song, article, or general update as to what’s going on in my life. Although it may often seem that I’ll be just throwing things up on the wall, I think that at the end of the year, we’ll all be able to take a step back and this will have turned into something beautiful.

I have to admit that I’m a little bit nervous about some of the things that I intend to share and how they will be perceived, but it’s what I have to contribute to the world so I may as well put it out there while I’m here. 

I’ve also started posting more regularly at many of the posts are things I’ve already published on my website, but I’m sure that I will be producing some content strictly to be used on that platform soon. If you are not familiar with Medium, contributors are paid by the number of views an article gets as well as the number of claps, so be sure to offer me some applause if you like what I write there.

A few things to look out for:

1. I’ve recently released my latest book Money, Sex, Power, and Faith as an audiobook. It is also available in ebook and paperback. Go get yourself a copy and enjoy the journey.

2. I am seeking to book myself as an entertainer, offering my services as a musician, with a drummer, with a band, and performing my one man show Will Rogers Revived, which will culminate in the Will Rogers Wandering Soul Road Show. Let me know where you’d like to see me perform. I am also very up for doing house shows!

3. Starting up again in late September, I will resume giving tours of Sarasota with Discover Sarasota Tours. Come learn more about our fair city or have some laughs on my Tiki Trivia Trolley Tour.

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