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The Last Day of My 47th Year

The Last Day of My 47th Year

 It’s my last day to celebrate my 47th year on the planet. I spent the morning in bed finishing the last season of Orange is the New Black, and I’ll be giving a tour of Sarasota this afternoon. Tonight, I’ll be going to McCurdey’s Comedy Theatre and out for sushi.

I have one more Tiki Trivia Trolley Tour for a private party on Tuesday, but beyond that, I’m largely unemployed for the month of August. I’ve got a few little gigs lined up, but I’ll be spending the majority of the next month writing, recording, and speaking into my phone. 

Generally, I like to treat summer in Florida like winter in northern states. I just try to busy myself inside and wait for the weather to pass. Of course, the universe always gives me golden opportunities to go outside and do work that should be saved for a cooler month, but I endure it and keep on moving. I’m pretty sure that I’ve finished my work for the summer, and I’m looking forward to focusing on my indoor tasks.

If you keep coming back to this website, there are a number of things that I’ll be sharing regularly because not sharing them isn’t really doing me any good. So you’ll see a more steady streams of songs and poetry being released through here, and as I’m working on my next book, I’ll be sharing it through this website (and Medium) as I go along. I’ll probably be talking about the steps of the Unbroken Path and the journey we all share as I also share my own story. 

I’ll also be using this platform to discuss what I call ABC2 Economics and how I will be channelling my financial flow in a more empowering way than I have in the past. Honestly, I think it will be a powerful formula in our finding a better economic balance and empowering ourselves to create the world we truly want instead of the world that has been created for us. 

Thank you in advance for coming along for the ride.

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