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Back in the Late Middle Ages, they came up with this concept of venery 

it started somewhere in France, in about the 14th century 

It seems that the wealthy hunters wanted new ways to name their game 

possibly in the wild hopes that it might improve their aim 

The tradition caught on with others, and the game it started to spread 

So instead of just saying “There’s a group of critters!” they called them this instead 

A group of Buffalo is an Obstinacy, and Kangaroos are Mobs 

Elk form Gangs, Snakes make Nests, and Dolphins swim in Pods 

Monkeys come in a Barrels, and Pigs, they love their Passels 

Goldfish are a Troubling, but they’re really not a hassle 

Woodpeckers are in a Descent, and there’s a nice Bouquet of Pheasant 

Starlings dance in Murmurations when more than one are present 

Bullfinches like to Bellow, Peacocks have their Ostentations 

Geese, they tend to Gaggle, and Eagles meet in Convocations 

There’s a Conspiracy of those Lemurs ’round the Murder of the Crows 

And while Guinea Fowl are a Confusion, try to untie a Knot of Toads

Jaguars move in Shadows, and Lions have their Prides 

Buzzards hold a Wake, Porcupines Prickle, and Bees, they live in Hives 

Bats are found in Cauldrons, and Cobras coil in a Quiver 

Wolves, they hunt in Packs, and Sharks, they make you Shiver 

Foxes, they Skulk, Donkeys follow Pace, Crabs have their Consortiums 

Owls hold a Parliament, and Cockroaches are an Intrusion 

Litters are for Kittens, but Cats, they come in Clowders 

Clams are found lying in Beds, but are much better in chowders 

Most Fish go to School, but Trout just like to Hover 

And while Nightingales tend to Watch, Coots, they have a Cover 

Ferrets are a Business and Baboons are a Congress 

neither are much good at making any progress 

Apes, they come in Shrewdness upon a Sloth of Bears 

Tigers are an Ambush, and they’re lurking everywhere 

Parrots are a Pandemonium and there’s a Thunder of Hippopotamuses 

Hyenas like to Cackle at the Crash of Rhinoceroses 

Armies are for Caterpillars, Herring, Frogs, and Ants 

There are many Tribes of Goats, but Parades are for Elephants 

Platypi are in a Puddle, and Gators form in Congregations

 Cheetahs have Coalitions, Wombats Wisdoms, and Larks sing in Exaltations 

Its quite a Labor for Moles, and Giraffes, they form a Tower

and while Grasshoppers come in a Cloud, there’s a Maelstrom of Salamanders 

Ducks fly in a Flock, but they’re a Raft if they’re on water 

And though Leopards like to Leap, to get a Romp, you need some Otters 

Squirrels know how to Scurry, and Rabbits form their Warrens 

Have a Gulp of Cormorants, a Kettle of Hawks, or try a Siege of Herons 

It’s a Pitying for Turtle Doves, and Gorillas form a Band 

There’s a Kaleidoscope of Butterflies, and Flamingos like to Stand 

There’s a Flock of Sheep, a Jellyfish Bloom, and Martens have their Richness 

While Ravens are known for Unkindness, who wouldn’t love a Charm of Finches 

Penguins live in Colonies, and Quails are in their Coveys 

Jays throw Parties, Weasels Sneak, and Swans, they have their Bevies 

Snails have Hoods, Lobsters are a Risk, and Zebras do have Zeal 

Just remember that all of these critters are more than just for meals 

That’s what I know about venery, and I hope you like what I did 

because I’ll never get a round of applause from an Audience of Squid

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