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Finally Ready for my Fifties

Finally Ready for my Fifties

On August 4th, I will have successfully lived for five decades. Also on that day, I will celebrate the 5th anniversary of my being cast as will rogers.I didn’t really celebrate turning 50 last year. I was a little hesitant, and I tried to identify as trans temporal so instead of turning 50, I turned 49 again with the intention of turning 48 again this year.

Considering the date of my birth. 4 has always been my number, and I didn’t really think I made the most of my 40s the first time through so I thought I would live them again. However, I think I’m finally ready to embrace my fifties now. The last year allowed me to tie some final things together, and I’m pretty sure I’m ready to move on.

To celebrate my birthday last year, I was able to perform at the sutler saloon in Nashville. This year, I will be performing stand-up comedy for the very first time at McCurdy’s comedy theater. After playing Will Rogers for The last 5 years, it’s given me the impetus to share some of my own humor.My writing over the last couple of decades has been fairly serious, and while I still have some serious ideas, I feel as though seeing things in the humorous light may be the best way to move forward. I toyed with the notion of writing more comedy earlier this year, and it is finally coming to fruition. And while I have planned my tour for this year to celebrate the legacy of Will Rogers, I’ve never been a one-trick pony, and I imagine I will be sharing some of my own comedy along the way.I feel as if the last five decades have been preparing me for this one.

Although I have little idea exactly how this next decade will work out, or even how this next few months will work out, I feel prepared to move forward confidently and the direction of my dreams.