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I wrote this poem to introduce the song “Faith” in The Cowboy Cabaret. Surprisingly, I’m still not fond of the way that I play it, and it has never actually made it into a performance. This poem really has nothing to do with the song other than sharing the word “faith”, but I thought I’d share it.

I’m currently culling and populating my song pages on this site, and I don’t think that “Faith” is going to make the cut. Nevertheless, it’s a sweet poem so I thought someone should enjoy it even if it never gets performed.

This life can be full of doubts.

It can also be surprising.

But it shouldn’t be a wonder

every morning when the sun is rising

that life is here to provide for us

on our own individual adventures.

You just got to have a little faith in life.

To enjoy the ride, just surrender.

Photo by Joshua Earle on Unsplash

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