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Experience Whitaker Bayou

I am offering guided tours of Whitaker Bayou, a small wooded tributary off of Sarasota Bay that few people have seen.

Beyond Ringling College of Art and Design, Whitaker Bayou winds through the Newtown neighborhood between Dr. Martin Luther King Way and Myrtle Avenue.

This hidden treasure offers a view of Old Florida rarely seen in the quickly developing city.

Whitaker Bayou is named for William Whitaker, Sarasota’s first white settler, who arrived in the early 1840s. Since I was able to portray him in the film No Real Than You Are, which screened at the Sarasota and Cannes Film Festivals, I love that I get to live on Whitaker Bayou and share it with others.

I schedule hour-long trips around the high tide, but the following times are flexible. I provide kayaks, canoes, and paddles. Email me at to let me know when you’d like to come. I can accommodate up to 7 people.

Saturday, April 1 – noon

Monday, April 3 – noon

Tuesday, April 4 – noon

Wednesday, April 5 – noon

Thursday, April 6 – noon

Friday, April 7 – noon

Sunday, April 9 – 2pm

Monday, April 10 – 2pm

Tuesday, April 11 – 4pm

Wednesday, April 12 – 4pm

Friday, April 7 – 7pm

Monday, April 17 – 11am

Tuesday, April 18 – 11am

Wednesday, April 19 – noon

Friday, April 21, 1pm

Saturday, April 22, 1pm

Monday, April 24, 3pm

Tuesday, April 25 – 3pm

Wednesday, April 26 – 4pm

Thursday, April 27 – 5pm

Friday, April 28 – 7pm

Saturday, April 29 – 11am

Since I consider this a priceless experience, I have no rates and don’t charge. It is a “Gift Economy” scenario. Pay what you want or pay it forward. While some people have given me cash, I have also been offered and accepted food, wine, coffee, hugs, and good company. Just come enjoy this rarely seen part of Sarasota.