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Seventy-Four Days and Counting…

Seventy-Four Days and Counting…

About a month ago, I started planning a 74 day motorcycle trip across the country and back. Today, I have 74 days until that trip begins. I have reached out to hundreds of organizations and comedy clubs about my “Get The Bunk Out” show based on the writings of Will Rogers, and though I have had some interest, I haven’t booked any performances yet. I also haven’t yet secured any places to stay.

However, last year, I was already in Kentucky by this time, and I wasn’t sure of where I was gonna stay for the next few months either. I figure if that last fifty years of my life are any indication, the universe will keep on providing just like it always does. Nevertheless, I really do want to book some performances.

I’ve also resigned myself to the possibility that this particular trip may just be about actually visiting the various Will Rogers memorials around the country – in DC, Illinois, Colorado, California, Texas, and Oklahoma – and talking to people along the way about next year’s tour. If figure that if Will Rogers was the presidential candidate for the Anti-Bunk Party in 1928, and he said that they didn’t win because the party was a hundred years ahead of times, well, then the next six years ought to be devoted to priming the pump we we have a better shot this time.

I do have interest being shown in North Carolina, Colorado, Arizona, and Texas so I’m hopeful that I’ll get a few performances set up along the way. Nevertheless, I’m bringing my guitar, and this tour will also help continue the “Motorcycling Music Across America” tour I started last year. I hit 18 states in just over 2 months on the last trip, and I intend to ride through 24 states this year, plus Washington DC, plus about 15 of them being ones I didn’t ride through last year.

It should be quite the journey, and now I get to start looking at other places I want to visit along the way. I’ve got 74 days to plan, and then 74 days to ride. If you’d like to come on one of my canoe tours of Whitaker Bayou, you can find the available dates here, and if you want to find out more about the Get Out The Bunk show, you can read about it and watch a video here. Please share it with your people.