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All Shook Up

All Shook Up

I’ve said before that I want to be bigger than Elvis. Although he made an influential mark on rock and roll and film, I see my role as being more integral to how people actually live their lives and how we create our society. Obviously, it’s largely an ego-driven compulsion. I may say that I want to be bigger than Elvis, but the truth is I want to have a bigger impact than him.

Unfortunately, I can’t really try to speak to what Elvis was trying to convey through his music, since he didn’t actually write any of it. However, he did have a knack for picking out enjoyable songs.

I play this song at a much faster tempo than Elvis because I think that being all shook up is a little more rambunctious than his version portrays. Nevertheless, this is a really fun song, and I hope that it gets a lot of people up and dancing.

You know what it’s like to fall in love

and have your whole world rocked

by someone you think is amazing,

and when they look at you, you’re shocked.

When your heart beats faster every time they’re around

and sometimes when they just cross your mind,

and whenever you spend time together

every little thing in the world is just fine.

But it can be a challenge when you can’t see straight

because love has filled your cup.

It’s a dizzying spell to be twitterpated,

but it feels great to be all shook up.

Here’s my version of the song…

Photo by Nicolas COMTE on Unsplash

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