Steve McAlphabet Motorcycling Music Across America


After over a month on the road since leaving Florida, I had written a dozen songs, and had purposely made them universally themed and not necessarily about my own journey. However, as much as I enjoy my own company, the open road does get lonely from time to time. And while I don’t actually get to the point of feeling lonesome, the cowboy in me felt that it needed to be romanticized a bit.

I decided to live a life
different than other men
and quite a few would agree to the idea that I ain’t got a lot of good sense
I’ll admit sometimes it gets lonely
every now and then
but I’m traveling the road to lonesome again

When I initially shared this song, a friend reached out to tell me he thought I actually did have a lot of good sense and he appreciated my desire to fight against the establishment and seek a life outside of the mainstream. Nevertheless, there are quite a number of people who would actually say that I don’t have a lot of good sense. Nevertheless, I will take whatever sense I can get, whether it’s common sense, good sense, or otherwise.

I don’t always know why I do what I do
I don’t wish anybody any ill intent
but the false belief in normalcy
is something I could never comprehend
Doesn’t matter where I’m going
It doesn’t matter where I’ve been
I’m traveling the road to lonesome again

I consider it a great virtue that I have never been normal. Normal people don’t hitchhike across the country or challenge themselves to live without money or do a lot of things that I’ve been able to do in my time on this planet. And though it can be said that I have missed out a lot on what normal people take for granted, I have achieved a life that many would consider extraordinary.

The miles have their trials
and I always overcome
I’m inspired to do what’s required
and write down the words that I’m shown
There’s a vision I have been given
I don’t have all the answers
but I think I have some
and for now, I’ve got to make this journey alone

I’ve always been a bit of a loner. My first cross country trip as an adult was with my friend Matt Corbin when we went to Alaska together, but since then, I’ve crossed the country twice and seen most of the US states by myself. Even when I’m not traveling, I tend to spend a good portion of my time on my own.

Of course, that has cultivated a lot of introspection and a lot of reconsidering how things work in the normal world. I’m still always trying to find my way in that normal world, and I’ve always felt inclined to help it become a little less savage. My hope is that my songs, poetry, and other expressions assist people in seeing a glimmer of hope beyond the strife that is so often cultivated.

Although I’m pretty pretty good at being happy
and keep myself content
sometimes I really wish the universe would present
someone I can lean on
someone on whom I can depend
but I’m traveling the road to lonesome again

I have often said that if you don’t enjoy your own company, there’s a good chance other people won’t either. Fortunately, I usually enjoy my own company, however, it is awfully nice when I have someone to share time with. I dream of a day when I will have people to travel with me (or even just one person), but for now I’m still pretty happy on my lonely road.

There are ups and downs
on every corner I round
I never know what life holds in store
I may be breaking my back by taking the path that I’m shown
Though I may seem proud
I think I have found 
another world that I need to explore
but there will be a day I won’t have to be on my own

The life I’ve chosen isn’t for everyone, and I am glad that I get to live it. It certainly has its challenges, but it is always a joy to face those challenges and overcome them. Plus, I’ve gotten to experience a lot of wonderful things by following my own unique path.

I suppose this lonely road will someday come to an end
but for now, it feels like this old guitar is my only friend
When you have a road you need to follow
there are things that you have to suspend
so I’m traveling the road to lonesome again

When I started writing this song in Providence, Rhode Island, I was at a park along the water. As I was playing my guitar and the first words were coming to me, a seemingly homeless man with no shirt made his way to the bench nearby to enjoy the tunes. Whatever drugs he was on had him passing out every few minutes or so with great heaving sounds as he caught his breath.

After a couple of verses, when he started snoring on the bench, I packed up my guitar and moved to another place in the park to finish the song. I am glad I took a different road than that guy.