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Lemme Say A Little Somethin’…

Lemme Say A Little Somethin’…

So last month, as a few people have mentioned to me, I was supposed to be posting stuff on my blog every day. To be clear, I did write that I was going to make a “concerted effort to share something on this blog every day.” Since then, I’ve posted seven times, including this one. Obviously, that’s not a post every day, but the four months prior only had one post each so I can at least say that I have improved considerably.

But I would ask your forgiveness in my moment of optimistic ambition and forget that I said that I would post “every day”. The truth is that the only thing I do every day is get out of bed. I’ve kind of crafted my life in such a way that I don’t do anything every day. Every day is it’s own unique assortment of activities, and that’s the way I like it.

I went to a few different schools from sixth to twelfth grade, and I think it’s safe to say that my lack of consistent career training contributed to my aversion to having a regular job. But I’ve done a lot of things with the sorted skills I’ve gathered, and I really don’t like being bound to repetition for the sake of repetition. I’m watching the various people who’ve become career YouTubers start to resign their channels because they don’t want to keep up with the demand, and fear of going through that myself has been a contributor to my not becoming a career YouTuber myself, albeit not the only contributor.

Anyway, just as it’s a little hard to brand myself sometimes, it’s often a bit challenging to come up with topics, or at least deliver them in a way that makes sense. Nevertheless, there are a few people on YouTube that have little catchphrases that help introduce whatever they want to share. And although I don’t have any particular niche that I fit into, like politics or movies, I do have a little something to say about a number of things.

But don’t expect something ever day.