The Growing Insanity of Growth

Moving forward, as we continue to sacrifice our time, talent, and labor to the activities of turning our natural wealth into man-made wealth so that it can be absorbed by the ostentatious few, let us consider that pandering to growth for the sake of growth may just be the greatest insanity to ever face humanity.

Christmas Comes Down To Muppets

I think that there is much ingrained into our popular culture and the art we create through it that speaks to what we must do and why we must do it if we wish to salvage what we consider to be society. Our task now is to explore the how, and to revel in the opportunity to do so. That is the true spirit of Christmas that we can take with us throughout the rest of the year.

What You Can Expect In The Year To Come

I’ve spent the last few weeks organizing and scheduling, looking at my goals more intensely and developing strategies to achieve them. I tend to have some pretty lofty, multi-tiered goals so I offer this to you as a way of letting you know what this Steve McAllister guy is up to with all of his random bursts of creativity and such.
So here’s the goal…