Steve McAlphabet Motorcycling Music Across America
My Couchsurfing Profile

My Couchsurfing Profile

I signed up for couchsurfing when I was living at the Flow Factory in 2012. I hosted a few people and then forgot about it. But when I was planning my first motorcycle tour in 2021, I remembered it, and have met some wonderful people in the time since. is similar to other social media profiles in that you can create a profile about yourself and the place you live. I have to update my bio every year, because I am always pursuing new endeavors. This is my latest update…

In 2001, I traveled the country and hitchhiked across, largely visiting intentional communities. In 2011, I challenged myself to live for a year without the use of money. In 2021 I motorcycled through 18 states, and in 2022, I rode from Florida to Washington DC to California and back performing a show based on the writings of Will Rogers (look him up or check out my website, and created a documentary about my journey and his legacy that’s being released as a web series on YouTube called “The Road To Will”.

Last year, I rode through 22 states and 2 Canadian provinces, challenging myself to write a new song in every city I stayed in, culminating in 25 new songs (before I sprained my ankle in Kentucky and decided to focus on healing for awhile). I’ve now written 65 original songs and am releasing a new song every week as Steve McAlphabet wherever you find music.

This year, I’ll be riding from Sarasota to Seattle (and up to Vancouver) in an attempt to ride through the last 8 contiguous states I need to accomplish my goal of motorcycling music through all 48 of them. I have a portable PA and a guitar strapped to the motorcycle, and I’m ready to play music wherever people may want to hear it. I also do custom “pay-what-you-want” poetry on my 1959 typewriter, which fits perfectly into my saddlebag.

Whether you’d like to host me along the way or know of a place I can perform (including living rooms), I’d love to connect with you and hear your stories.

if you are not on but would like to host me anyway, please send me an email at