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If You’re Voting for Trump, You’re Either Angry, Afraid, or an Idiot

If You’re Voting for Trump, You’re Either Angry, Afraid, or an Idiot

160519-trump-clinton-0014_43b68e75ee8a5e932bc0b4007dccfc02-nbcnews-fp-1200-800Although I believe that this presidential election is largely a sham, just for shits and giggles, let’s look at the candidates we have to deal with as we decode which lesser of two evils gets our support. First, let’s look at the one that has by and large gotten the most media attention.

The only two relatively considerable arguments I have heard about why someone would support Donald Trump are that he is a good businessman and that he started a Diversity Coalition. The Trump Diversity Coalition seems to be little more than a website serving as a promotional tool and doesn’t actually do anything to promote diversity beyond highlighting a handful of people who support him and also happen to belong to a minority, so I don’t give that much credence. As a businessman, it is said that Trump is an owner of more than five hundred companies, meaning that he has signed over five hundred checks to invest in companies without actually having to start, develop, produce, manage, or operate anything. Perhaps I’m a snob, but I’m not really inclined to consider signing checks an admirable talent, especially when coupled with the fact that most every business started with the “Trump” name attached has gone bankrupt or belly-up.

I’m not also inclined to give Trump the authority to make decisions in my name or on my behalf because I think his handicap of not having lived the full human experience leaves him deficient as a leader. He’s never had to wonder about how rent was going to get paid, or to worry about a hospital bill. He’s never had to work a menial job or work a holiday. He’s never had to stick to a tight budget and really learn the value of a dollar. He’s never had to save up money to buy something special. These are human character building scenarios that the majority of us go through, and his having never been through them makes him deficient in being able to make decisions for those who have.

There are a lot of things you learn as you work your way through the levels of human society, and I have much respect for those wealthy people who have taken that route, like Rick Kearney, the IT magnate who initiated and funded most of the 7 million dollar emergency care facility that has reduced homelessness in Tallahassee by half in the last two years. Trump was born into money and has never been in want. Everything was given to him. I don’t hold that against him because that’s his journey, but I think there are certain aspects of humanity he just can’t understand because he has not walked that path, and I would never think that he could be qualified to make decisions on the behalf of real people.

Some will vote for him merely because he is the Republican candidate, yet another sign of our faulty voting system and priorities as we have become acclimated to caring more for our parties than our country. The reality is that Donald isn’t really a Republican anyway. However, in a party that has tried to desperately for the last few decades to merge the disparate intentions of following Jesus and making as much money as possible, there have been few true leaders that can stand in that gap, leaving plenty of space for Trump to slither through.

I do tend to think there will probably be an October surprise, and Trump will be disqualified, or it could be that his media-hyped misogyny could be planned to send votes to Clinton. It could be wishful thinking, or it could be that the only faith I have in the American system is that it is a long-form, multi-media, interactive theatrical performance designed to produce the illusion of choice for the populace while business executives make the real decisions. I’m not a big believer in conspiracy theories, but it wouldn’t surprise me at all if Donald and Hillary discussed the possibilities for this particular scenario while out to the greens over the last few years.

After all, there has been talk of Hillary running for president since she was still first lady, and Roger Ailes helped introduce the idea of Trump as president only a few years after on Fox News. Since then, Hillary has been gunning for the position, and has done everything in her power to negotiate herself as the leading candidate, including running for the position twice. By all accounts, she is the most qualified person for the job, and has a well-rounded understanding of the way American politics work from a variety of vantage points, from the oval office to the senate floor to the war room.
However, the fuse Trump ignites in many is that he is not embroiled in the American political system and not a career politician. Unfortunately, we have cultivated such a dire mistrust in our government that many feel persuaded to vote for any outsider to come in and clean house. More unfortunately, although Trump has not seen it from as many perspectives as Clinton, he is not an outsider to American politics, yet his involvement thus far has largely been relegated to the backroom deals and handshakes that make our democracy a sham as our government is used as little more than a tool to increase the earth and power of a few.

If you’re voting for Trump, you’re either afraid, angry, or legitimately want the end of America as we know. Or, you could just be an idiot.


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