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Why Sarasota?

Why Sarasota?

sarasota-florida-marketing-agencyWhen I was first faced with the notion of why the Estralarians wanted to turn Sarasota into a marketing mecca, I had the same question that people ask me to this day, “Why Sarasota?” They told me that Sarasota was uniquely suited for the task. Although I’ve heard theories on the spiritual vortexes that spiral their way through special places like Sarasota, Asheville, and Sedona, from their vantage point, they see them in action.

Because of the collusion of artistry, business, citizenry, and charity that exist in the Sarasota region, and it’s particular tradition of creativity, entrepreneurialism, environmental stewardship, and general sense of compassion for humankind, Sarasota stands poised to be a leader in social entrepreneurship through collaborative capitalism.

The challenge of being the scribe for this metamorphosis is that I not only have to wait for the people of Sarasota to come to the realization of who they truly are and the power that it affords them, but I have to do it as I simultaneously realize the same thing for myself. In actuality, the process of writing about it is little different than living through it. And so, here we are.

Do you think that Sarasota is a suitable place for a marketing mecca or do you think I should look elsewhere?

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