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Why I’ve Decided To Be A Song Writer

Why I’ve Decided To Be A Song Writer

Over the years, I’ve tried to be a lot of thing as I’ve attempted to be a renaissance man. Some may say that scattering my skills so widely has diluted them, making it more challenging for me to excel in any one of them, and I cannot say those people would be wrong, hypothetical as they may be.

Now that I’ve scattered my way through roughly 48 years, I’m finally ready for a little focus, and that is why I’ve decided to devote myself to becoming a songwriter.

My last fairly well-paying gig was as a tour guide for Discover Sarasota Tours. I led a tour of the City of Sarasota, sharing all sorts of history and trivia through a native’s perspective, and I led the “Tiki Trivia Trolley Tour”, where I would ask trivia questions about tiki culture and play some songs. And over the last year, I did manage to get a couple of gigs playing music, including my own.

Unfortunately, the pandemic has made my old jobs dry up, and so I have to reinvent myself again. Considering the tools currently at my disposal, I think that songwriter is the best thing I can do with my time, both because I’m actually quite good at it and because I think it’s the best service that I can offer. Plus, it offers a number of other dimensions that lend themselves to the rest of the talents in my skill set.

So songwriter is going to still include being an actor, filmmaker, writer, and even a bit of being a tour guide, and it also gives me a great opportunity to experiment with one of my other passions… reinventing the economy. See, I think that what we call “the economy” where we force people to work long hours to make consumable products that quickly become garbage to make a lot of money that goes to the ultra-rich is nonsensical. I happen to think that people should work smarter, more collaboratively, less wastefully, and more enjoyably, so I’ve devised this scheme called ABC2 Economics.

I’ve been trying to describe ABC2 Economics to people for a number of years as I’ve made my way through my various lifestyle experiments, and I believe that music, particularly my music, will give me the opportunity to experiment with and eventually showcase a working model of it. So my plan is to collaborate with various Artists on my songs, create revenue through them as a Business through which I can also contribute to the Citizenry required to make democracy work and the Community I am a part of (ABC [squared]).

I realize that it may still be confusing as a theory, but it will make sense eventually. Until then, I hope you enjoy my music.

My next release is a production of “Song For the People” so be sure to subscribe to my newsletter or follow me on social media to find out when it’s coming out. In the meantime, if you’re on Spotify, please add my songs “The People That Made Me” and “If Only” to your playlists. Thank you!!

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

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