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Hi. I’m a Song Writer.

Hi. I’m a Song Writer.

It’s taken me 48 years, but I’ve finally decided that of all of the possible careers I could possibly pursue, I am probably best suited to be a songwriter. While my career pursuits thus far in life have been scattershot and difficult to pinpoint any actually direction or goal, I’m just going to stick with songwriter.

Now, over the last 48 years, I’ve been a lot of things, and the majority of my time has not been spent writing songs. And if anyone should ask me to be an actor, novelist, screenwriter, film maker, photographer, copy writer, editor, painter, or dish washer, I’ll still be glad to lend a hand. However, for the time being, I am a song writer.

One of the greatest challenges I’ve faced as I’ve been a lot of different things was how to communicate to people what I was. Most people, those who specialize the way that industrial society intends, can say they are a doctor, or an accountant, or a mechanic, or some other specific job that they do for forty hours a week in order to earn a paycheck. I haven’t had a regular paycheck in over a decade and I do a lot of stuff, so it’s been hard for me to articulate exactly what I do or what I am.

In addition to being a songwriter and all of those other roles I mentioned up in the second paragraph, I’ve also been a philosopher and amateur economist. As a philosopher, a good part of the last few decades have been spent thinking about things, and as an economist, I’ve been trying to account for them. So although I’m a songwriter, I still intend to do more with my songs that just sing them.

My focus is now on producing my songs and using them as experiments in ABC2 Economics. This means that each digital product I put out creates the opportunity for digital transactions in which money can be channeled to support the Artistry, Business, Citizenry, and Community that created the song. And though you may see more than that on my website from time to time, like chapters from my other books or videos about other things, I’m really just about making music and writing songs.

If you’d like to hear my songs as they are produced and watch as I experiment with this new bottoms-up economic system, subscribe to my newsletter!

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